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What KeyTrust UNITY managed services can offer your business

KeyTrust UNITY is a comprehensive family of fully managed secure services delivered via an Integrated Services Gateway. All UNITY services are deployed, administered, managed and supported by KeyTrust Managed Services and require no capital investment on your part and provide the highest levels of data security. KeyTrust UNITY is an Integrated Services Gateway that offers a complete suite of fully managed secure services.

UNITY services work in conjunction with KeyTrust TrustID, which provides subscriber management, authentication and authorisation services. Customer distributed sites can be linked with KeyTrust Managed Services Exchange Points and interconnect between customers sites using TrustConnect secure interconnect services.

UNITY Service Benefits

Fully managed secure services that are deployed, managed and supported by KeyTrust Managed Services

Offer a very low cost per user

Convenient subscription services

Eliminate capital investment

Provide a high degree of data security

Free your IT staff to focus on core business activities

Provide comprehensive 2nd-level support to minimise impact on your administration staff

KeyTrust's UNITY Managed Services Portfolio

Secure Message Gateway

UNITY SMG (Secure Message Gateway) is a secure email service. It removes the technical and commercial hurdles associated with maintaining an in-house secure email system. SMG uses IBE, which is a new form of widely accepted cryptography that removes the hurdles associated with the more complicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Instead of relying on traditional PKI, SMG enables users to simply utilise the recipient's email address to securely send and receive messages.

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UNITY SRA (Secure Remote Access) service provides secure remote connectivity to applications on corporate servers and end-users desktop computer system via a standard Web Browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer). Integration with KeyTrust TrustID is used for authentication and to present a menu of applications to which users have access privileges. SRA is especially well suited for use by roaming laptop users or users that require access via public computer systems (i.e. airport lounges etc.).

UNITY SBR (Secure Backup and Restore) provides a managed service structured secure system backup and restore for workstations, servers and devices across your entire enterprise network or systems located at external locations, such as branch offices and home offices.

UNITY UAM (User Activity Monitor) provides user access and policy enforcement by tracking and controlling all user activity on a target machine including application access and usage, file access, file copy and device usage such as USB ports etc.

UNITY ECS (Enterprise Content Search) provides high-quality, secure indexing, searching and retrieval across and all enterprise data repositories and data bases.

UNITY UTM (Unified Threat Management) provides a set of services for anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-SPAM.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

UNITY eSSO (enterprise Single Sign-On) provides a fully managed and user transparent single sign-on to enterprise applications and services.

 Learn more about Enterprise Single Sign-On

UNITY AMO (Acceleration, Monitoring and Optimisation) provides services for application acceleration, TCP acceleration, protocol monitoring and network optimisation.

UNITY SVD (Secure Virtual Directory) option provides a fully managed service for integration of X.509 directory systems. SVD has the ability to integrate multiple types of X.509 with KeyTrust TrustID authentication / authorisation system.

UNITY VoIP (Voice over IP) provides centralised SIP and H.323 compliant directory and gateway services, which integrate with our customer’s internal VoIP services and external VoIP gateway-to-gateway TCP/IP routes.

UNITY SDT (Smart Data Transform) option provides a service for transformation of customer data from their source files (or databases) into KeyTrust service destination XML databases.

UNITY SWM (Secure Wireless Manager) is a set of services for WiFi network trouble shooting, planning and management to ensure a secure wireless network.

UNITY is integrated with the heart and soul of Trust


Authentication & Authorisation

KeyTrust TrustID identity services support a wide range of authentication technologies from many major authentication vendors. TrustID is used to provide identity service to the full suite of KeyTrust and UNITY managed services. Users can be authenticated by any of the following; User Name/Password, X.500 LDAP and RADIUS, Hard Tokens and USB Tokens, X.509 Digital Certificates and Smart Cards, Biometric – Keystroke Dynamic and Fingerprint, KeyTrust Machine ID (Identification), KeyTrust CLI for mobile and fixed line.


Interconnect Services

KeyTrust TrustConnect are fully managed interconnect services, which deliver all the necessary components to securely and reliably WAN interconnect distributed “unique communities” with central UNITY services, such as service administration / monitoring and reporting. TrustConnect provides high-speed Layer-2 interconnects between KeyTrust Data Centres, KeyTrust Service Exchange Points (SEP) and customer sites.

Every service we offer comes with 24/7 Support.

Support Outside Standard Operating Times | Guaranteed Response from Engineer within 2 hours

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