About Us

A company built on a foundation of 30 years

KeyTrust has established itself as one of the principal providers of e-business solutions in the Australian marketplace. The company has a clear product strategy, which builds on its reputation for providing reliable solutions and has established direct relationships with key global technology providers. The company has traditionally been recognised as a developer and provider of managed security services for vertical markets, such as health, legal, manufacturing, financial services and government.

At KeyTrust, we work in a highly agile environment which helps us meet our own, as well our client's targets with greater efficiency. Whether it be web applications, native applications or any of our other e-Business solutions, we will make the software your own. We know every client is different and so we thrive on giving our clients the ability to brand and customise their software or managed service. Our team of engineers work closely with our clients to ensure we are the solution, not the problem.

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