Monday, 24 October 2016
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Trusted e-Business Solution
KeyTrust is a leading Trust Service Provider (TSP) delivering complete Trusted e-Business Solutions to Corporate and Government sectors. Our Managed Trust Service delivers leading edge Identity Management and Secure Access services required for successful e-Business.

For over 16 years we've worked with Australian business, providing the most appropriate trust solution for their individual network needs.

  • KeyTrust Managed Services
        Lowers costs by providing large-scale
        community-of-interest secure services
        amortised across multiple communities
  • KeyTrust Security
        Delivers best-of-breed
        security products and related
        professional services
  • KeyTrust Consulting
        Delivers consulting services that cover
        the complete security and trust value chain
  • KeyTrust Asia
        Delivers Australian technology
        and managed services into
        the Asian region
  • Secure Remote Access & Messaging Services
    KeyTrust provides Browser-Based secure remote access solutions for a number of Government and Corporate Companies who have identified the requirement to have internal and external staff including 3rd party without installing VPN client software on each machine.
    KeyTrust’s Secure Health Net (SHN) and Collaborative Care Network (CCN) services now include access to the innovative TeleConnect video conferencing service for health care professionals. All health professionals, no matter where they are located, are now easily and immediately able to connect to an immersive real-time video conferencing session with other clinicians and health care stakeholders (including patients and their carers). The browser centric TeleConnect service encourages collaborative work and communication between all allied health professionals using a data federation model that enables improved patient outcomes while freeing the clinician (and patient) from the traditional limitations of location specific resources.
    Secure Email Services

    KeyTrust provides award-winning identity-based encryption (IBE) and provide the most comprehensive options for secure business communication, whether you are securing email, instant messaging, mobile devices, documents or files. SecureMail is the first secure email solution that makes secure ad-hoc business communication as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging.

    Authentication Services
    KeyTrust's broad range of Web services (SOAP and SAML 2.0 web service) based Authentication modules which integrate easily with your existing access control policies to form a highly trusted environment - ensuring only authorised users are able to access your resources. KeyTrust supports portable and robust two-factor authentication through One Time Password (OTP) tokens, fixed or mobile phone based Call Line Identification (CLI), Machine identity and traditional smartcard based Digital Certificates, Hardware ID, SMS, Single Use Password(SUP), Multiple Use Password (MUP), LDAP, Radius.